Month: August 2017

3 Keys To Interpreting Symbols

  3 Keys To Interpreting Symbols There are three things you can do every time you are interpreting symbols that will help you be more accurate and have a deeper more meaningful understanding of the belief they originated from. Wicca originates from Western Europe. The nation of origin and culture of Wicca is based on […]

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius 2017

full moon lunar eclipse 2017

  Today is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius 2017. What does that mean? • August 7 (16° aquarius) – Full Moon (Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon), perigee=super potent. First let’s look at the name of this full moon: The Grain Moon The full moon for August has many […]

Mercury Retrograde Explained

mercury retrograde

Think about the planet that is in retrograde & it’s personality or it’s typical correspondences. ‘These’ traits are what you will have ‘retrograde-experience’ in. So, take the planet Mercury – air, communication, reflection…