magick academy

About Magick Academy

Welcome! Magick Acadmey is an online eclectic Wicca school. There are no deadlines or schedules to keep since the lesson’s are posted and can be accessed in the menu under First degree 24hrs a day. You may work at your own pace, show up when you have time and complete lesson’s as you see fit.

We are a Third Degree Credidation Program

This means we offer three (3) degrees and advanced studies. Each degree involves A-Year-And-A-Day of study time and the completed work to go with that degree (365 days, this is a traditional method of degree study time). You may work at your own pace, but to receive the degree credidation the work must be completed.

Each Degree Gives You A Title

You enter the school with the title of ABeCeDarian or First Degree student. After completing your first degree program you earn a Priestess accreditation for the completed degree. So after your first degree, your title will be First Degree Priestess or Priestess Of The First Degree.

Join The Coven

About The Coven:
The Coven is being created and is still waiting for a name from the Goddess.  We are eclectic, meaning our pantheon & structure is not limited to traditional Wicca pantheon & structure.  Also we are not Gardnerian Wica.  We are a modern eclectic Wicca with our own traditions and structure.

Your Invitation:
By joining the school you automatically qualify for an invitation to join the coven after finishing your third degree. We invite all students after their third degree to join the coven. You will then be allowed to study for a degree in our tradition. This fourth year of study is a coven-specific study to prepare you as a member and servant of our tradition. Although the school is based on the teaching of our tradition, joining the coven is an option. You may continue your studies as a student without joining the coven.