Costway Portable Washing Machine Review

Costway Portable Washing Machine

Purchased December 2017, this is my blog post for my Youtube unboxing & set up review video.  Easy read & link to video follows.


Living in an upstairs apartment it’s a bit extra work to make it to the community laundry room.  Since I am also disabled this task is daunting & I often neglect the chore all together.  Meaning I don’t have ready available clean laundry on demand.  This limits how much I can accomplish – goals, appointments, or just getting out to clear psychic energy.  We need to have clean laundry available on demand just to function as humans.

December 2017, I decided to remedy this problem by going to my AMAZON Prime account and search for portable washing machines.  Now, I did not take this task lightly!  I searched all the brands & then spent hours watching & reading reviews.  I kept a list of required features needed in a portable washing machine & narrowed this list down by:

  • weight capacity
  • washing & spin dry compartments
  • lint filter
  • & filling hose / drain hose
  • RPM – power it works at
The one washing machine in a moderate price range with the best weight capacity & all the features I was looking for was the Giantex & Costway portable washing machines.  Two brands that sell out of the same warehouse & that are identicle (similar to GMC / CHEVY).  So I purchased the Giantex – was shipped a Costway – lol.
I set it up the day I got it.  I was able to move & set it up myself without help.  Easy to do, just placed it were I could drain & fill it the easiest.   This was next to my bathtub.  I fill & rinse the clothes with my shower nozzle wand & drain it into the bathtub with the hose it comes with.  NOTE: draining the machine requires it to be level with the drain or to raise the machine so the hose can drain downward.  Originally, I placed it on 4 cases of water but have now re-purposed an 2.5ft outdoor coffee table to hold this machine – & it works prefect!


  • *twin tub – washer tub / spin dry tub
  • large capacity (17lbs -11lbs washer, 6.6lbs spinner)
  • seperate timer controls for washer side & spin side
  • lint catcher
  • washing time up to 15 minutes
  • spin dry time up to 5 minutes
  • *washing power 300w; really gets clothes clean!
  • *spin dryer 1300rpm; really gets clothes almost completely dry!
  • 1300rpm motor, voltage 110v/60hz
  • gentle & regular washing settings
  • light weight, easy to move
  • Overall size:24.8″x14″x28.35″(LxWxH)
  • use any liquid laundry detergent, stain removers, & fabric softener’s (avoid heavy bleach)
  • PRICE = $120-135.

Yes, so you guys can see why this is the portable washer I picked!  It is fantastic.  I use it a couple times a week, it gets the clothes EXTREMELY clean & dry.  Honestly, I only have to hang dry clothes for a few hours on most average temperature days (winter does take longer).  Colors last longer when air drieed, so that’s a win!


  • small to med loads:
  • – heavy fabric loads = 2 pairs of jeans + 1 t-shirt size loads
  •  – medium-light fabric loads = 4 t-shirts, 2 shorts, 5 underwear
  • save water: don’t draining the tub – remove clothes & add next load with a tad more soap if needed – (start with whites, move to colors with this method)
  • keep weight of fabrics similar – don’t mix really heavy with light weight fabric’s
  • hand wash light weight tshirts & gentle fabrics, then dry in spin dryer
  • save on laundry deterget – mix one Tide pod with a dollar store brand liquid laundry detergent – works great!
  • presoak in sink your heavy bleach items like whites, then rinse by hand & then wash in machine



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