Friday The Thirteenth Lucky or Unlucky?

Friday The Thirteenth Lucky or Unlucky?
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Lucky Thirteen Friday The Thirteenth

Friday The Thirteenth Lucky or Unlucky? .

First, let’s ask ‘what is luck’? Good or bad, success or failure often brought by chance but sometimes from ones own actions.  So, sometimes luck is getting everything we worked for good or bad. Sometimes luck is just a free prize we get weather we wanted it or not.

Next, what is an omen? Often people see 13 or other symbols like 13 as omen’s. Omen’s are ‘warning sign’s’ from spirit or the spiritual realms. They are not always ill-fated or negative. Some magickal beliefs fear all omen’s and believe they foretell unavoidable ill-fate. NOT THE CASE! Even when a omen has a negative message it is just a symbol or road signs to help us steer clear of harm and keep on our path & out of danger. They can help us avoid chaos just like road signs in real life. I prefer to call signs from spirit ‘symbolism’. When I notice a symbolism I just look it up, evaluate my life and decide what I am going to do with the message. We are magickal beings, we create and therefore do not need to fear a message from spirit.

Then, let’s explore what is a superstition? A superstition is a belief in supernatural causation – a deliberate action from supernatural being’s. So, a superstitious person will see a sign or omen as a deliberate act (based on fear usually) from a spirit. This mindset typically comes from spiritual path’s that see spirit as all powerful & having a higher rank in power over humans and the mundane world. IN a path like Wicca or Celtic origin we do not believe that spirit out ranks the mundane, we believe in equality & balance. Therefore, if we see a symbol that may seem harmful or a deliberate ill fate from a supernatural being we address it by banishing the harm immediately. We clear that bad juju right then and there! A white sage smudging ceremony is really great for this. We also take control of our fate and even create hold a ritual if needed to call on our Deity for protection and may even bind the harm and banish it from our lives. However, most of the time symbols are just road signs like a tarot reading.

Now, let’s see what caused this negtive hype over the number 13 & Friday in history? This idea seems to be mostly Roman or Christian in origin, those that fear witchcraft, mysticism & mythology, people that feared magickal beliefs.  (Fear of Friday The 13th Phobia is called ‘Paraskevidekatriaphobia’).

Here are the TOP 8 basis in history:

8. Hindus believed that it was unlucky for 13 people to gather in one place.
7. October 13, 1307: The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church & King of France ordered the execution of the Order called Knights of Templar.
6. Friday is the 6th day of the week in the Greco Roman calendar where Sunday was the first day.  In the old world calendar, Monday was the first day of the week therefore Friday was day five.
5. Six (6) is associated with the Anti-Christ in the bible as well as Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden, the start of the Great Flood, and the crucifixion of Jesus all happened on Friday’s.
4. Prisoner’s were executed on Friday’s.
3. The Last Supper had Thirteen guests at the table, the 13th person being Judas the traitor.
2. Scandinavians believed 13 signified bad luck because their 13th mythological demigod Loki was an evil one who brought great misfortune upon humans.
1. Belief that the number 13 represents femininity & ancient feminist beliefs (witches) that worshiped a Goddess & the 13 Lunar cycles of year as they correspond to a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Finally, let’s exam the magickal numerology of #13.
#1, #3, and (1+3)=#4 then #13:
• #1 = solidarity, beginning’s; unknown is revealed, nothing is now something, new beginning’s
• #3 = is two parts working together toward becoming whole; creativity, expansion, growth, cycles, structure, cooperation, the Celtic Triple Moon Goddess (Maiden, Mother, & Crone)
• #4 = stability(established athority), grounded energy, supportive, foundation; four elements, four season’s
• #13 = 13 Lunar cycles of the Triple Moon Goddess, the last cycle #13 or Crone Goddess, Wisdom, Ending’s & new beginning’s. Feminine matters, Cycles of life-death-& rebirth, Ending’s, & last harvest. Can also be associated with chaos as this is the association with alchemy & death.  Most of these symbols can be seen on the tarot card #13 or ‘The Death Card’.

This is the magickal numerology of the #13, but beliefs that fear magick and fear endings do see these meanings as scary omen’s.  We are not above death & are not untouched by it.  Rather, we develope an understanding of the cycles of life, death & rebirth in magick celebrating the rebirth in all cycles as lucky.

So what is your decision, Friday The Thirteenth Lucky or Unlucky?

I say enjoy your magickal Friday the 13th and enjoy your cycles of life, death & rebirth as will I.  Blessed be!


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