Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius 2017

full moon lunar eclipse 2017
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Today is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius 2017. What does that mean?

• August 7 (16° aquarius) – Full Moon (Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon), perigee=super potent.

First let’s look at the name of this full moon:

The Grain Moon

The full moon for August has many names but for me since Lughnasadh & the grain harvest is also in August I prefer the correspondences of the Grain Moon.
Grain Moon:
Corn ‘kernal’ cereal grains – wheat, barley
Colors – gold, yellow, orange, red, garnet
Crystals – citrine, garnet, moonstone, clear quartz, black quartz
Food – wheat, barley, blackberries
Herbs – jasmine, lavender, rosemary, lemon
Focus & Magick – health & wealth spells of any kind (kernals have ‘goodness’ meaning a bounty of nutrents or multi-rich-nutrients to sustain the body), harvest = reaping your reward, bounty/harvest, storing up stock & preparation for winter, having plenty, honoring the phases of life, death & rebirth.
However, today is not just a full moon but a Lunar Eclipse. So does a lunar eclipse change the meaning of a full moon? NO!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The sun will be on the backside of the earth while the moon passes in front of the earth (sun->earth->moon) & the earth casts a shadow on the moon creating a lunar eclipse. She is still full and dispersing her abundance to us. However she has gone under the cover of night, incognito! She is not a shadow & she hasn’t disapeared really. Instead of just illuminating us with her light, she is walking & visiting here with us undercover. For those of you that see fairies and have vision if she shows herself she may appear faceless or veiled; possibly even wearing disguise like hat and sunglasses. Remember spirit is very symbolic and personal. Visual appearances are communication and can have personalized meanings catered to what the seer understands or needs to know.

How do you work with the Goddess when she is incognito?
This is a ‘special visit’. Prepare just as you would if any royalty or special dignity that was visiting your neighborhood. Also set out a welcome offering of herbs & blessed water for her visit. Make a banner or special decorations honoring the moon. Don’t think of her as a stranger though, she is also a companion to us so spend time with her like you would a friend. Make her a greating card filled with your sentiment for Her. Hold ritual & perfome magick just the same as you would for any full moon honoring her visit. Source is in our midsts at this time so intuitition should be hightened. You definitley can work any magick for secret desires right now. Also, meditations geared to unlock things that may be hidden & personal shadow work (discovering the things we keep undercover from ourselves) are great for a lunar eclipse. She is here to make a change happen & restart anything you need or want to make it right. She wants to get close & personal to you & your situation(s) checking it out up close & icognito! Think of it as ‘Under Cover Boss’. She’s getting to know you on a super level to really manifest the things we need and may overlook from normal moon phases. If you’re needing change or imporvement in your life this is the time to make a list of the specifics. Clearing magick of any kind, uncrossing, road opening magick are also fitting. She is in the house of Aquarius right now and you can apply any definition of Aquairus to your magick workings as well.

Element – Air, Fixed
Rulling Planet – Saturn, Uranus
House – 11th House, Succedent
Lunar Mansions: 24th Mansion, 25th Mansion, + 26th Mansion
Direction – Northeast
Season – Late Winter
Crystals – Amethyst, Citrine, Violet color, Saphire, Angelite,
Colors – Violet, Indigo / Blue, Yellow, Violet White
Herbs – Lemon, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Rosemary, Violet, Comfrey, Jasmine
Tarot – The Star, The Fool

Personality of Aquarius
Unconventional, idealism, higher thinking, eccentricity, out-of-the-box, inventive, original, can be misunderstood, revolution, humanitarian, calm waters, seem detached or dreamy, friendly, easy to confide in, compelling magnetic personna, inwardly they can be sensitive & even insecure, high sense of intuition & vision, hightened-active 3rd eye.

Magick of Aquarius
3rd eye, higher education, inventive onraprenurial, spells to help be better understood – speaking in public etc., self confidence, vision quests, humanitarianism, justice, how you are outwardly percieved, magnetism, inward security, socialite.

Remember the moon is still in perigree so she is SUPER POTENT & ABUNDANT!

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