July 23 Leo Super New Moon

leo new moon

This July 23 Super New Moon in Leo promises ‘new’ ‘super potent’ ‘new beginning’s’ in your life. How so? This July new moon is a SUPER new moon because it is in perigee=it is traveling close to the earth & will appear larger (‘SUPER’ BIG) in the sky. A super moon means ‘SUPER POTENCY’ for your magick & wishes! This is the new moon for the Full August ‘Grain Moon’. Since this is a new moon it is best for magick focusing on new beginnings & fresh starts, anything to do with the maiden phase of the moon. Also, this super new moon is in Leo the same sign associated with Lughnasadh the second harvest or grain harvest happening a week later on August 1st. The sun is always in Leo at Lughnasadh. So, this super new moon being in Leo is the pre-dessessor to kick-start your harvest Sabbat & Leo Super Power. It is like a pre-party if you will to get you ready for all the wonderful things this grain harvest has to offer you magickally! What ever you start here at this new moon can be brought to abundance during the Lughnasadh grain harvest & again at the full moon August 7th.

1. The New Moon. The new moon is for new beginnings. Here you can absolutely change the game or start that new idea with success! Herbs – jasmine, lemon, or lavender.
2. The Sun. Leo is a sun sign so you can use any magick associated with the sun for leo. Just like the tarot card sun magick brings happiness & success. Is there somewhere you need happiness? Is there somewhere you need success? Use any sun herbs or sigils to help. Herbs – orange peel or seeds, clove, or cinnamon.
3. Leo magick. Leo rules the heart. Responsibility/Pride/DESIRE. This can be for both family & the Self. Herbs – cinnamon, goldenseal, sandalwood.

The Heart – not just what matters to the heart, but also the ‘heart’ of matters. Both independently & for your PRIDE. Good leadership – over self, but also for your kingdom (family, loved ones, those under your care, neighbors etc.). Consider self confidence, charisma, leisure, hobbies, STRENGTH, passion, energy, victory, keen eye of the hunter. Knowing your place (not everyone is top Lion) but also Dominance – no longer being ruled but BECOMING THE RULER of your lay/territory! This could mean gaining a territory for the first time even. Business & risk management, wisdom – knowing when to pounce, knowing when to lay low. Health & vitality. Generosity, loyalty.

Look at your life. Really look at where you are. Basically the places & people you spend your time with & ask where is that getting you? Work/school? Family, friends, people? Leisure time, entertainment? Have you met your goals? Is there anything else you’d rather be doing?
How is your Pride (home/family/loyalties/generosities, achievements – knowledge/skill level in life, appearance, hobbies, strength’s, leadership/territory, health/vitality). Are there areas here that you could improve? What would you like them to be? What steps can you take to make that happen? By asking these questions and answering them you are creating the path you need to take to make your desires come true. Once you have this list & can answer both what your state is now & what it will be like once your goals are met or these steps are taken, you can then take the list of your desired outcome & manifest it in magick ritual with the help of Leo & this Super New Moon!

BUT that’s not all…

The entire 28+ day life cycle of this August Full Grain Moon is bringing you energy at every phase. It only starts here at the leo super new moon!

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