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On March 8, 2018 I received my first KEURIG, a KEURIG K55 Coffee Maker & Brewer.  I unboxed it on YouTube & set it up with you, then made hot & cold coffee drinks in the video so you guys could see everything!  This is the blog write up to go over the features & experience of that video & my overall opinion of the K55 since using it for a week.  Get KEURIG K55 on QVC.

Frustrated with my current method of home brewing coffee I set out on a mission. is the first place I went to look for a new coffee maker.  I was tired of the pour over method I was using at home, it was frustrating & took up counter space that left me searching every morning for all the tools to get the job done.  I had it, & was over it.  Once on QVC I searched KEURIG.  Now, I had not gone that rout in the past because I didn’t want to be locked into those kcups.  Just like most of you I thought my coffee selection would be limited to what kcups were at my store.  I watched the demonstration video of the KEURIG K55 and realized that I had come across a find!  This was a special, in fact it had been a today’s special value & it came with not only 43 kcups of coffee (all different flavor’s) but it also came with the REUSABLE KCUP!  Once I realized the freedom this reusable kcup would give me, that I could actually use any ground coffee – even the one I already had at home, I clicked the add to cart button & purchased this item.

I was so excited the day I got my KEURIG delivered.  My phone was charged & ready for the unboxing video.  I unboxed it with you guys on youtube.  The amount of extras that came in this package was unreal, so generous.  Water filters for a year, 43 k-cups of not only popular coffee varieties but also tea & hot cocoa, & the reusable k-cup as well.  This was not only a coffee machine purchase but IT WAS A HAUL!  Here is what is great about the the KEURIG coffee machine:


  • brews a complete cup in under 1 minute
  • brews 6, 8 & 10oz cups with a push of a button
  • 48oz water reservoir (thats 4x10oz coffee’s + 1x8oz’s before refilling)
  • reservoir is removable, secures in place, has removable lid
  • energy efficient
  • compatable with reusable kcups
  • works with all popular kcup sizes
  • nice color choices
  • display panel for power, cup sizes, heating light, descaling light, water fill light, & auto shut off option
  • plus all the free extra’s from QVC bundles
  • removable drip tray
  • coffee maker 13″H x 10-1/2″W x 13-1/2″L, weighs 9 lbs, 13 oz; Cord 36″L
  • 1yr manufacturers waranty

This machine is easy to use.  Never search for the coffee pot & it’s many parts again!  Get great tasting beverages & water whenever you need them.  Auto off feature make this as easy as it gets to brew great coffee at home, worry free!  Let’s talk flavor.  I love every cup I brew with this machine.  The coffee kcups come in name brand coffee’s that we buy for their great flavor’s, companies we trust for the perfect cup of coffee.  Starbucks, Foldgers, Cinnabun, Dunkn’ Donuts, Maxwell House, Gloria Jeans, Tully’s, Donut House Coffee are just a few of the great formulated brand coffee’s available in kcups & regular ground coffee bag’s (for the reusable kcup’s).  The kcups are so easy, but the reusable kcup brews a perfect cup as well and only takes a few more seconds to assemble.  I fill mine to the top and it is just like the kcups.  You can use any ground coffee you’d like.  I have brewed hot water conveniently as well for soup & other instant foods.  It has performed well, quickly, and easily with less mess than using other machines.  Basically, it’s amazing!  I love using it, I love the coffee flavor & aroma I make with the KEURIG K55 Coffee Machine!  

  • brew any coffee or flavor with the many kcup options or use the reusable kcup.
  • brews in under a minute, every time!
  • water filter’s for great tasting water & extending life of the machine.
  • less mess & waste than regular brewers with kcups.
  • stores easily on any counter or home coffee bar
  • look’s great on my counter
  • perfect cup, every cup!
  • always assembled, just open the water reservoir lid, add water & brew.
  • power on & auto off button’s
  • make hot water for instant foods & beverages.
  • choose your cup size, 6,8, & 10oz button selection, and brew your coffee or beverage!
Remove tape from coffee maker exterior.  Place water filter in 1 cup of water to soak & set aside.  Pre-rinse the coffee machine to get rid of any ‘new plastic’ taste by running a complete reservoir of water through machine – plug in machine, fill water reservoir to fill line with water, place 10oz cup under nozzle on the cup holder.  Turn machine on, lift handle to open kcup basket, (do not insert any kcups – just cycle water through to get it ready for first use).  Press handle down to close, now the cup lights should be blinking.  This means the machine is ready to brew so select 10oz cup to begin.  The coffee machine pulls water into the machine to heat it & then fills your cup with the hot water.  Empty cup & repeat –  do this until the reservoir is empty.  Repeat second time if you’d like.  Now you’re ready to brew your first cup.  Install water filter, make sure to choose the number of the current month when you install it in the reservoir.  Select your favorite coffee kcup or fill up the reusable kcup & install it into the kcup holder.  Make sure to close the handle and see that the coffee cup size lights are blinking (if not, open & close the kcup basket again).  Now select your cup size & wait for your perfect cup of coffee to be brewed in under one minute.  Enjoy.

Go watch the unboxing video on youtube and let me know what you think.  Get your KEURIG K55 on QVC today.



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