March Virgo Full Moon | The Crow Moon 2018

Crow Moon 2018
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March Virgo Full Moon | The Crow Moon 2018

Welcome to this Virgo Full Moon in March 2018 & Crow Moon.  What is this moon about?  

Frist, since the Moon is in Virgo we have both New Moon correspondences with Virgo & Full Moon correspondences since it’s the Full Moon.  We can do magick for both new beginnings & success & abundance!  So colors will be white & reds as well as typical moon colors of pearl, silver, blue, pink, & green.  Herbs/oils – jasmine, myrrh, white florals; some examples – ylang ylang with chamomile.  You’ve got purity, vigor & vitality of the youth as well as the abundance of the caring wise mother.

Second, March is the Crow Moon.  It celebrates the spiritual meanings & symbolism of the Crow.  What are the symbolic meanings of the crow?  Oh, the crow is crafty & wise.  Social & protected by the flock.  Great with tools & very creative!  The crow loves reflection & souvenirs!  This is a great time to keep your spiritual eye open for new magickal souvenirs that can empower your life & practice.  It’s also a great time to fix up the nest.  Clean out the winter blah’s & make it more comfortable as well as more secure.  I saw a raven today picking up some large twigs and taking them off for his nest or for tools to get the earth worms.  That’s right, it’s spring!  So the big earth worms have come to the surface!  This is a time to be ready with our magickal tools to get what is coming to the surface.  But we can go a little deeper with the crow since he is such a very magickal creature.  

The crow is very similar to the raven so I celebrate them both when I celebrate one.  They are an amazing spiritual creature that symbolize the Shaman or Wizard in his transfigurational state.   I refer to them as the Shaman-Wizard!  The crow & raven are the embodiment of the shaman-wizard in his transfiguration state as he is working alchemy using the power of the Universe!  The crow is only his disguise or how he reveals himself to us human-forms.  As members of the wise-path we can learn from this shaman-wizard by noticing him when he appears, but especially at this Crow Full Moon.  

Introduce yourself as a member of the wise-path (or a fellow magickal being) by leaving him offerings.  These offerings can be shiny objects & things we know the crow & raven take a fancy to, but also those things that can have symbols or uses in life that might help him remember his practice in human form.  Do-hickey’s, zing-thing’s, objects that stimulate the creative magickal mind.  This is a way to celebrate the shaman’s wisdom, duties & responsibilities, but also help be that ‘beacon’ to assist him from getting lost.   By offering items that might remind him of his magickal life as  a human it helps him remember his purpose as both a crow/raven & a shaman/wizard.  This is a great way to begin your relationship with the shaman-wizard in your path.

OFFERINGS: shiny objects, variety of metals, mirrors that are not glass.  Useful items that may be used as a simple tool or invention.  Comfort items like feathers, cotton balls, squares of fabric that do not have lots of dyes.  Foods & herbs: wheat or barley.  

NOTE:**DO NOT leave items that may harm the creature, that may entagle the creature or that he can swallow or choke on.    

Magick you can work during the Crow Moon: alchemy, transfiguration, quest’s, wisdom, new perspective’s, memory, scrying, finding lost items, friendship’s, community position’s, clearing gossip, & reflection magick.


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