Mercury Retrograde Explained1 min read

What is Mercury retrograde & how does it affect our life & magick? Simply, retrograde is when a planet appears to spin in the opposite direction. This is only in appearance, the planet does not actually change its axis spin. This is a sort of ocular mirage, a visual misperception occurs when a planet moves next to another planet. The distant & offset of the planets creates the mirage by playing a sort of trick on the ocular (eye). Now although the planet is not really changed is rotational direction, in astrology it does take on a new meaning when a planet is retrograde.

'Retrograde' definition - directed or moving backward. When a planet moves backward (visually) the correspondences of the planet can become retrograde or backward as well. Not really opposite, but rather 'wonky'. Like when you tell your computer a comand and it just doesn't get it, it doesn't break - it just doesn't get the comand. So magick done during a retrograde can be offput or not as usual during the retrograde phase. This is not permanant and when the planet returns to its normal rotation (visually) all the 'wonky' or misunderstood comands resume to normal function.

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