Mercury Retrograde Explained

mercury retrograde

What is Mercury retrograde & how does it affect our life & magick? Simply, retrograde is when a planet appears to spin in the opposite direction. This is only in appearance, the planet does not actually change direction of its axis spin. This is a sort of ocular mirage, a visual mis-perception occurs when a planet moves next to another planet. The distance & offset of the planets creates the ‘mirage’ by playing a sort of trick on the ocular (eye). In the old world (years ago) man believed this ‘mirage’ as what was happening.  They assigned it particular meaning’s & called it’s change-of-rotation ‘retrograde’ – we still use this today.  So, now although the planet is not really changed it’s rotational direction, in astrology it does take on a new meaning when a planet is retrograde.

‘Retrograde’ by definition – is a planet that appears to change it’s directional spin on it’s axis when it moves close to another planet.  It appears to move backward’s on it’s axis, like clockwise vs. counter-clockwise. When a planet moves backward (visually) the correspondences of the planet can become retrograde or ‘backwards’ as well. Not really opposite, but rather ‘wonky’. Like when you tell your computer a command and it just doesn’t get it.  It doesn’t break – it just doesn’t get the command. So magick done during a retrograde can be off-put, or not as usual during the retrograde phase. This is not permanent & when the planet returns to its normal rotation (visually -by distancing itself from the other planet appearing more alone in the sky) all the ‘wonky’ or misunderstood commands resume to normal function.

Think about the planet that is in retrograde & it’s personality or it’s typical correspondences. ‘These’ traits are what you will have ‘retrograde-experience’ in. So, take the planet Mercury – air, communication, reflection…
1. Communication – message just wont be received. In fact, the message could even come out coded or off-put from how you wanted to relay it inwardly. You can have it all planned out, but then when spoken it can be a blurb to the recipient. This applies to your communication given & the communication you receive. Just LOL!
2. Air – maybe the air just wont feel like spring. It could become thick or thin. The charge in the air could be warm, electrical or have not much spark at all. In fact, it could feel opposite of what you’d expect. This will get your feeler’s or receptor’s all out-a-sort’s or just a bit sensitive & maybe even off-sensor / off-line.
3. Thought’s. Your thoughts might not even be effected. In fact, you may think your best thoughts at this time, but you probably will find they are staying thoughts. You can’t get them on paper, you try to speak them but they have a mind of their own when you do.

Don’t worry about it, it’s just the fun Mercury likes to have when he does his backwards dance in the sky.  Everything returns to normal once Mercury is back on path.  Anything that went off-wack while he went playing around, he set back on track.  It’s like he plays in the toy room but put’s it all back when he goes back to task.  Again, LOL.

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